Escape Your Unhappy Job and Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent


Have you been unhappy with your current job and thinking about making a career change towards the real estate industry?

If so then you may already know that becoming a

real estate sales agent is an investment in your future.

You will have to start with getting an education through an approved real estate school and learning the required pre-licensing education.

Once you are ready, you will then need to take the pre-licensing state exam and pass.

When you have successfully passed your real estate license exam, you can then spend your time doing a little research to find a real estate broker that you can work under as this is required. A good broker may assist you with your lead generation and help you with getting your initial real estate sales.

A Look at the Initial Start-up Charges to Become a Real Estate Sales Agent

In comparison to most other careers, especially the ones which need an academic degree, starting a career in the real estate sector is quite affordable

Your primary start-up and 1st year as an agent cost will fluctuate based on your region, but realtors spend about $5, 000 on their education their first year

As a New Realtor Agent Should You Work Part time or Full time?

Working in the real estate sector is about having your freedom, right? There so many possibilities in a career as a realtor and it’s a fantastic opportunity to place your very own hours and be your very own boss.

Several new realtors decided to start part of the time in real estate so that they could hold onto their stable income from their job.

This is never a bad idea for anybody that’s not sure that they need to be in this business.

Industry experts may also find that working to get a part-time real estate sales agent salary offers an alternative or a transition to retirement or a means to balance work and family life.

What’s the Earning Potential of a brand new Real Estate Salesperson?

The median earnings of a Realtor in Texas are about $50,000.

This is 25% greater in comparison to the median wage for many brokers. The true cover gap between a part and full-time real estate brokers is broad.

Working fewer than 20 hours a week provides per median gross earnings of only $9,000 per year. While, in comparison, working 60+ hours or more per week creates average net earnings of $95, 000 for a few realtors.

What Are the Steps to Get A Texas Real Estate License?

1. No matter what state you reside in, you want to take the nation’s real estate pre-licensing instruction from an accredited TREC real estate school. Each nation’s topics and hours for the licensing class may vary.

Once you finish, you will want to acquire the official real estate transcript or certificate of completion from the faculty, which will be a necessity for your licensing application.

2. Pass the Texas real estate license exam. Right after you finish your pre-certification class and passing the final exam, you’ll schedule your state accreditation real estate exam.

Though a number of the questions on the state exam are described in your prelicensing class, you are going to be on stronger foundation should you take a real estate test prep program to ensure you research the correct exam materials and get access to practice exams.

3. Establish your real estate profession Finding the right real estate broker and resources to start your career is essential. Your achievement in the real estate business starts with not just a good plan, but additionally hard work.

It is not surprising that real estate agents that are pushed and have goals that are large are the realtors who become the most successful.  If you have a good work ethic and are ready for a change then becoming a licensed real estate sales agent, may just be the new career for you.