Learning the Details about Product Liability Claims and a Defective Product


Having a product design defect is obviously not a good thing but what is worse than that is not having product liability insurance to protect your business from product liability claims.

These policies are based on the type of product, the volume of sales, and the role of the insured in the process.

Thus, underreporting the volume of sales may seem like a good way to lower premiums or the idea may be to ensure only a part of the sales.

It is much better to make sure you buy the needed insurance than to have a claim come up and not have your business protected.

Don’t under report or try to ensure less than the actual amount of sales. This is because there are usually substantial underinsurance penalties applied when the insured under insures.

On the other hand, you will want to make absolutely sure that your products are properly identified.

For example, if you supply step stools, you do not want them categorized as ladders. Ladders will have a much higher premium because of the risk potential.