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Learning the Details about Product Liability Claims and a Defective Product


Having a product design defect is obviously not a good thing but what is worse than that is not having product liability insurance to protect your business from product liability claims. These policies are based on the type of product, the volume of sales, and the role of the insured in the process. Thus, underreporting the volume of sales may seem like a good way to lower premiums or the idea...

Why You Should Get a Business Insurance Policy for Product Liability


It has been several hundred years since the industrial revolution rocked the fabric of the world. The production of goods in mass quantity has gradually increased due to technology and the complementary increase in demand from potential buyers. Manufacturers, designers and distributors of goods are increasingly enjoying the rewards that mass business brings; but are also exposed to the increased...

Better Safe than Sorry – Get Coverage from a Product Liability Policy Today


In theory, it’s very easy to plan and outline all that will happen in your training business. But in reality, things do not always go according to plan, especially in the manufacturing industry. There are certain occurrences that cannot be avoided. A business owner or manager that fails to be reasonably prepared for such eventualities plans to be majorly wounded. Unfavorable contingencies...

Exactly What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover for Your Business?


With any risk, you need to have that risk protected. In the manufacturing and marketing of products, this is no different. Insurance policies such as product liability insurance protect your business from claims related to the manufacture or sale of products, foods, medicines or other goods to the public. It covers the manufacturers or sellers’ legal responsibility for losses or injuries to...

When Do You Need to Consider Getting Product Liability Insurance Coverage?


It can be difficult to tell when exactly you might need to consider getting product liability insurance coverage. If you are a manufacturer or product distributor product liability insurance coverage can be included among other things that are well remembered by businessmen all around the globe (it includes large scale, as well as, small-scale businesses). Product liability insurance is...